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Mastering Austrian Immigration: A Guide for Non-German Speakers
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Mastering Austrian Immigration: A Guide for Non-German Speakers

Navigating through a new country’s legal maze can be complex, particularly when language barriers are in play. At Law and Beyond, we bridge these gaps, offering expert, bilingual legal assistance to make your immigration journey smooth and understandable. Let this be your first guide on Austrian immigration law!

Why should you read this?

We have been operating in Austria since 2019. Approximately 65% of our immigration law clients during that period have been non-German Speakers. For this reason, we have developed a good sense of what this specific group of clients needs. These insights inform the way we handle cases. And we will touch on them in this guide.

Understanding Austrian Immigration Basics

Austria’s immigration system is subject to regular changes. The immigration laws offer various paths, including work, study, entrepreneur and family visas. But the requirements to fall under these categories are regularly updated. Many times, the burdens are heightened to appease immigration-critical Austrian voters. In other instances, Austrian lawmakers loosen restrictions, for instance when they try to attract more foreign talent. This keeps everybody on their toes: local authorities, people planning to move to Austria, and their legal advisors. Often, new clients come to us with information they received from friends and well-meaning acquaintances who went through the processes before them. Unfortunately, their input is often based on outdated material. Accordingly, knowing the current options available to you is the first step towards a successful application. This is precisely what we aim to do with this Guide for Austrian immigration.

A group of explorers is gathered around a table. They are considering their options of immigration to Austria. Good thing they found the Guide on Austrian Immigration by Law & Beyond!

Tackling Language Barriers in Immigration

If you do not know a local language, that can lead to application delays or rejections. In a best case scenario your paperwork and communications are precise and clear. That is why you should prepare them with advisors exhibiting bilingual expertise. When no detail is lost in translation, providing you with peace of mind and a streamlined application process. Sure, especially with the local authorities in bigger cities you will find case workers who know English. Still, since German is the official language, they can always demand that any documents submitted are translated by a court-certified specialist. Applicants for many residence permit types will be asked to prove their proficiency of German on level A1.

Exploring different Residence Permits in Austria

Red-White-Red Card

One of the most feasible routes  for residence in Austria is the Red-White-Red Card. It addresses different segments of the working population, such as highly qualified workers, skilled workers in shortage occupations, other key workers, graduates of Austrian universities and colleges, self-employed key workers, and start-up founders. This card provides a pathway to long-term residence and employment in Austria.

Applicants for the Red-White-Red Card must meet specific criteria, such as possessing certain qualifications, work experience, and language skills. It is a point-based system, ensuring that those who can contribute significantly to the Austrian economy and society are prioritized. If you are considering going for an employed position, you must proof a binding job offer from an Austrian company. In addition, authorities often require that a minimum salary is guaranteed.

Other Options for Long-Term Residence

Besides the Red-White-Red Card, Austria offers several other types of residence permits, each catering to different needs and circumstances. These include permits for students, researchers, artists, and family reunification. While they all come with their own set of prerequisites, they provide legal pathways for prolonged stays (and often) work opportunities in Austria.

Securing Your Future as a Family: Family Residence Permits

Navigating employment and family reunification permits in Austria requires working on several fronts. Couples need to prove the secured legal status of their relationship. Furthermore, they have to meet other criteria such as proof of housing in Austria, and sufficient financial resources to support the family without recourse to public funds. Both partners must also be covered by health insurance. Our team at Law and Beyond has extensive experience in guiding clients through these processes. We share inspiring success stories and provide personalized strategies to help you secure your future in Austria.

"Patrick and his team is very professional in helping my wife and I, with our little dog, to get our nonworking visa in Austria. His English is flawless and response to everything very quickly. We highly recommend Patrick to anyone who would ever considered applying for the immigration visa in Austria. Five stars."

Is permanent residence a possibility?

Yes, permanent residence usually awaits after a multi-year immigration process. In very broad terms immigrants can qualify who held a residence permit for a consecutive period of 5 years, exhibit German proficiency on level B1, as well as financial security and health insurance. Permanent residence will then be awarded for 5 years with the possibility for indefinite 5-year renewals.

Start Your Journey with Confidence

Embarking on an Austrian immigration journey is a path filled with opportunity. We hope that this Guide on Austrian Immigration Law gave you first insights. Law and Beyond is here to ensure that your journey is not only successful but also enriching. Our bilingual team is ready to guide you every step of the way. Connect with us for personalized, expert assistance in English and German.

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