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Your time is valuable. So is ours. For an initial consultation, which takes between 50 and 60 minutes, we charge 250 euros plus VAT. If you would like further assistance from us after that, we will discuss together what costs you will incur. There are various billing options for attorneys. It is important for us to create full cost transparency for you. We track all of our services in detail and can provide you with information about the costs at any time. Depending on the matter in which you require our assistance, we will bill you either according to an hourly rate or in accordance with the Lawyers’ Fees Act or, in the case of clearly defined services, according to a fixed fee agreed in advance.

HOURLY billing

In most cases, we charge at an hourly rate. This means we accurately record the services we provide for you and then charge you for the time we have spent representing you. You will of course receive a detailed list of our services.

Billing according to TARIFF

The Lawyers’ Tariff Act (RATG) and the General Fee Criteria for Lawyers (AHK) set concrete tariffs/amounts for certain services. These amounts depend on the value of the case. The amount in dispute can, for example, be the amount that is claimed in the proceedings .

In a civil procedure, the reimbursement of costs in the procedure is calculated in exactly the same way. To put it very simply, if you win a case, the opponent(s) have to pay your legal fees. Attention: It also means that if you lose a case, you not only have to pay your own legal fees but also those of your opponent.

Lump sum billing

For services that can be clearly defined in advance, we can also offer a lump sum payment. This allows you to plan in advance what costs you will incur.