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Resources on finding a job in Austria – shared by an attorney
Finding a new job can be a headache. This is the same in Austria as in other places. In this article I have outlined a few online resources that can help you in your job hunt.
service contracts
Comprehensive checks of current service contract documents
Occupational health and safety
Employees must be protected from the harmful effects of their work. Otherwise, there is a risk of serious consequences.
Termination of employment
If you need to terminate an employment relationship consult specialists.
Discrimination in the workplace
Discrimination in the workplace needs to be addressed and stopped.
The first employees
The first employees – what you need to consider.

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Occupational health and safety

Employers have a duty to protect their employees comprehensively from any harmful effects of work. Excessive exposure to dust, noise, cold or heat, for example, should be contained.

If employees are injured at work, this can be considered an occupational accident. This often leads to investigations by the authorities to find out who is responsible for the accidents that have occurred. If it is determined that the employer was negligent in protecting employees, severe penalties can be imposed on those responsible.

There are also regular inspections and checks by the labor inspectorate and other authorities in order to preventively identify and eliminate sources of danger. Here, too, sanctions can be imposed on the management or any responsible representatives in the event of violations that are discovered. Often, the only way to avert a penalty is to introduce a seamless monitoring system. In doing so, employers must prove that they have really done everything in their power to ensure employee:internal protection at all levels. This includes workplace and hazard evaluations as well as follow-up training and ongoing inspections.

We help you understand and better implement the requirements for a seamless control system. In the event that an employee health and safety violation has actually occurred in your company, we will be at your side to protect your interests in official proceedings.

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