25 MedienG; § 5 ECG; § 25 DSG)

Entrepreneur / Service Provider / Media Owner:
Kainz Kamp Rechtsanwälte:innen OG
Company registration number: 582931 b, company register of the Commercial Court Vienna
Address: Lederergasse 22/3, 1080 Vienna, Austria
Telephone: + 43 1 346 08 03
Seat: political municipality of Vienna
Sales tax identification number:

Object of the company: Practice of the legal profession
ADVM code: P 112183

Applicable regulations / professional law (excerpt):
Lawyers’ Act (RAO)
Disciplinary statute for lawyers and trainee lawyers (DSt)
Guidelines for exercising the legal profession and for monitoring the duties of lawyers and trainee lawyers (RL-BA)
Trainee Attorney Education Guideline (RL-RAA)
Bar Examination Act (RAPG)
Attorney Tariff Act (RATG)
General fee criteria (AHK)
Rules of Procedure of the Austrian Bar Association (Geo-ÖRAK)