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Termination of employment
If you need to terminate an employment relationship consult specialists.
Discrimination in the workplace
Discrimination in the workplace needs to be addressed and stopped.
The first employees
The first employees – what you need to consider.
Occupational health and safety
Employees must be protected from the harmful effects of their work. Otherwise, there is a risk of serious consequences.
service contracts
Comprehensive checks of current service contract documents

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Employment Law

Labor law is one of the areas of law that is “particularly close” to people. We are aware that particularly clear conditions must prevail so that employees can develop their full potential in the employer’s company.

We advise on the entire “life cycle” of an employment relationship. We cover everything from legally compliant job advertisements, the creation of service contracts, ongoing labor law compliance to termination and other forms of termination.

Law firms often only offer support on either the employer or employee side. We have gained consulting experience on both sides in the past, which we are now using for you. It is often important to know the “expectations” of the other party in order to be able to protect your own interests as best as possible.

Should conflicts arise in the employment relationship, we will be happy to support you in finding the best strategy for solving them. This can range from accompaniment to clarifying discussions to representation in labor law proceedings in court.