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Marriage and registered partnership
marriage and registered partnership: What is the difference? What is right for me and what are the differences?
Amicable divorce: do’s and don’ts
Especially with regard to divorce, there are different options in Austria. The most common variant is that of an amicable divorce.
Mediation in divorce proceedings
Mediation is an extrajudicial procedure for resolving conflicts. One of its best-known areas of application is divorce mediation.
When there’s a dispute about money, things often get heated. This is also the case with alimony. But who actually has to pay?
Withdrawal of visitation
The best interests of the child always come first. If contacts are a threat to the child, withdrawal of visitation is considered.
Child vaccination
What if parents cannot agree on a vaccination for their child? What is the legal situation in Austria regarding childhood vaccination?
Right of contact for grandparents and ex-partners
Is there also a right of contact for grandparents and ex-partners? By law, “third persons” can also have a right of contact.
Maintenance: Playboy-limit
There is a cap on child support for very high earners, the so-called “playboy-limit”. What does it mean and who does it apply on?