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Child support
Child support can raise many questions. We will be happy to assist you with all aspects of child support
International family law
Particularly in family law issues with an international dimension, it is worthwhile to seek advice from experts. We are here for you.

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divorce attorney Vienna

Your Divorce Lawyer in Vienna

A divorce attorney can help you to focus on the most important consequences of a divorce that need to be kept in mind inorder to protect your interests. A divorce is often stressful and emotionally straining. It is important to have a
competent partner on your side that you can trust who will focus on the legal side of things for you.

Important things to consider when you are facing a divorce in Austria

In addition to all the emotional issues, there are also the legal ones. Questions arise as to how everything should continue after the divorce and how one can best protect one’s interests and perhaps those of the children. Even very
basic questions like:

How does the procedure of a mutual divorce in Austria look like?

How to avoid common mistakes in a divorce?

 What to do if you are facing a situation where there might not be an agreement?

What about custody after the divorce, contact rightschild support?

Will I receive or have to pay spousal support?

What about the division of assets?

International factors and why sometimes it might be better to stay married.

Maybe you are also worried about keeping your residence permit after the divorce.

Among other things, those issues need to be clarified.

Information is important- your divorce lawyer in Vienna

As your divorce attorney in Vienna, it is our job to keep you informed about the legal possibilities concerning a
divorce in Austria.

We support you in this turbulent time and are here every step of the way.

Find out what you are entitled to- We will help you to get it!

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