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Termination of employment
If you need to terminate an employment relationship consult specialists.
Resources on finding a job in Austria – shared by an attorney
Finding a new job can be a headache. This is the same in Austria as in other places. In this article I have outlined a few online resources that can help you in your job hunt.
Occupational health and safety
Employees must be protected from the harmful effects of their work. Otherwise, there is a risk of serious consequences.
service contracts
Comprehensive checks of current service contract documents
Discrimination in the workplace
Discrimination in the workplace needs to be addressed and stopped.
The first employees
The first employees – what you need to consider.

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The first employees

We focus on supporting international companies in the process of hiring their first employees in Austria. We instruct our clients and point out the peculiarities of Austrian employment law. In this way, unexpected hurdles can be avoided immediately. We also provide ongoing advice on adapting (international) employment contract documents to Austrian standards. Especially when employing employees from third countries in Austria, we can also contribute our expertise in immigration law and offer combined solutions.


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