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Child support and contact right- where is the link?
Children cost money. Anyone who has children must pay child support. So far it sounds quite simple, yet child support is a topic that evokes many questions and frequent conflicts.
Common misconceptions about divorce
In the practice of law, one encounters the most common errors again and again. Especially considering the fault principle that applies in Austria in divorces, it makes sense to be informed.
Joint custody when residing abroad?
When people do not part on particularly good terms, they often no longer want to know anything about each other. If one has children together, this is not possible
Attorney’s Guide to Austrian Citizenship Application
Learn the ins and outs of Austrian citizenship application. From residency to language requirements, an attorney answers your questions.
The Red-White-Red Card in Austria: Attorney explains application
Unlock the job market in Austria with the Red-White-Red Card. Attorney explains the application for this unique work permit system.
Refusal to have kids as a marital offence?
Refusal to have kids as a marital offence? Under the at fault principle in Austria it might be relevant when it comes to a divorce.
Friendship as marital misconduct?
Spouses need to be faithful towards each other. However, this is not limited to sexuality. Also a friendship can be marital misconduct.
Privileged divorce
In order to be able to get a privileged divorce it can make sense to not actively pursue a divorce but wait until the other party starts.