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Student visa for Austria – 10 common questions and answers (and one additional PSA)

Clients regularly approach us for assistance with obtaining Austrian residence permit for students (“student visa”). Below, we have compiled 10 common questions and answers on the Austrian residence permit for students / student visa.

1. What is a residence permit for students?

Students from third countries (persons who are neither EU citizens nor other EEA citizens nor Swiss nationals) can apply for a residence permit if they want to stay in Austria for more than 6 months in order to pursue a study program.

2. Who can apply for a student’s residence permit?

You need to know that there are general prerequisites for the granting of any residence title. However, there are also specific conditions for the granting of a student’s residence permit (see below in item 3).

The general requirements are:

– sufficient financial means

– health insurance

– accommodation

– you must not pose a threat to public order or security

3. What specific conditions therefore remain to be met?

– Confirmation of admission and enrolment for a university of higher institute of learning in Austria (for initial application)

– Extract from the criminal register (for initial applications)

– Proof of study success (for follow-up applications)

– Credit check (for follow-up applications)

4. For which period are student visas issued?

Student visa are usually issued for one year, but for students participating in an EU project or attending a higher education institution covered by an agreement between two or more higher education institutions, permits can be issued for 2 years.

5. What financial means must be proven to qualify for a student visa (in 2021)?

Persons under 24 years of age must show and prove that they have access to at least EUR 552.53 per month. Persons over 24 years of age must prove at least EUR 1,000.48 per month. A married couple must have access to at least EUR 1.580,00 per month. An additional amount of monthly approx. EUR 150,00 is required for each child in the family. Expenses for rent, health insurance, food and smaller purchases must be added to the amounts stated above.

Please note: It is necessary to prove the origin of the funds to the authorities.

6. Is it possible that third persons, e.g. the parents, act as guarantors?

It is also possible for a third person to make a declaration that this person shall be a guarantor for the financial needs of the applicant. In this case, the proof of income and a statement of the monthly expenses of the guarantor must be presented.

7. Which additional documents are required to apply for a student’s permit?

– Official application form for a residence permit in German language

– Valid travel document (e.g. passport)

– Current biometric passport photo: The photo must not be older than 6 months when the residence permit is issued.

– Birth certificate or another equivalent document

Furthermore (if applicable):

– Marriage certificate

– Partnership certificate

– Divorce certificate

– Deed of dissolution of the registered partnership

– Certificate of adoption

– Proof or document of the family relationship

– Proof of accommodation costs

8. What is the competent authority for a student visa application?

The application can be made at the respective embassy or consulate abroad. If your nationality allows you to enter Austria based on the “visa on arrival” system, you may also file your application with the local authorities in Austria.

9. Can someone else submit the application for me?

The application must be filed in person when first granted and before entering Austria abroad at the Austrian consulate or embassy or (in the cases where this is possible) at the competent local authority in Austria.

10. Can Law and Beyond assist me in obtaining a student visa?

Of course. We would be happy to assist you in this matter. Please reach out to us to arrange for a consultation call.

Public Service Announcement: If you are in Austria on a Schengen visa, the mere fact that you are filing your student visa application before your Schengen visa runs out will not allow you to remain in Austria indefinitely. Should your student visa application still be processed while your Schengen visa runs out and you continued to be in Austria: You could run into serious problems. Accordingly, you may need to leave Austria before your Schengen visa runs out. You should consider waiting for the authority’s decision outside of the Schengen area, if the time on your visa is almost up. People violating this rule may have their applications denied and may face sanctions for overstaying their visa! Please reach out to us on time for guidance.