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Protection against violence
Separation situations are particularly dangerous for those affected by domestic violence. We support you!
Marriage and partnership agreement
We help you to create a prenuptial agreement that suits all parties.
Wills and estate law
It makes sense to get your affairs in order at the right time. We will help you to fulfill the formal requirements.
Child support
Child support can raise many questions. We will be happy to assist you with all aspects of child support
Custody and visitation rights
Custody proceedings are particularly stressful. After all, it is your child that is at stake. We are happy to support you.
A divorce is the end of something big. There are a lot of things to consider. We support you every step of the way.
Family Law
Disputes in family law can be particularly difficult. We are happy to support you every step of the way.

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Family Law

Family law in Austria


We follow the motto of striving for an agreement wherever possible. Experience has shown that amicable solutions that everyone involved can live with make sense. Especially in family law matters. Sometimes, however, amicable solutions are not possible. In that case you have to be prepared to stand up for your rights and, if necessary, fight for them in court.

(Legal) Conflicts in the family

Conflicts within the family are very complex. For many people, family law proceedings are associated with great stress and often existential threats. It’s not just about money. It is also about the heartbreaks that have been felt. It is often about rearranging life.

Prenupt,divorce, separation, custody and child support

We are attorneys specialized in (international) family law and we will support you in all matters concerning family law- your divorce, in the drafting of a prenupt or partnership agreement, in custody proceedings (custody and visitation) or concerning child/spousal support claims.

We are reliable partners for you when it comes to protecting your and your children´s interests.

We are happy to support you!

We help you to achieve your goals in the in- and out-of-court enforcement of your claims and help you to keep a cool head even in the case of controversial divorces or difficult custody proceedings.

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