Austria’s immigration laws stipulate that “immigration into the Austrian welfare state system” should be prevented. do the  local authorities check whether you can Afford immigration to Austria? 


According to the Settlement and Residence Act, third-country nationals seeking a residence permit for Austria must prove a few things. Among them,  that they have accommodation in line with local standards, and health insurance cover. Also, they check sufficient financial resources so “the foreigner’s stay could not lead to a financial burden on a local authority”.

Third-country nationals can prove the latter through savings, current income from work, alimony, pension, etc.

A potential expat is contemplating whether he can afford immigration to Austria

And what minimum level must their financial resources reach?

In 2024, a single person must prove that they have at least €1,217.96 per month to afford immigration to Austria. That sounds feasible at first glance. However, it is not simply a matter of the monthly net salary earned from employment, for example. Rather, the authorities require proof of the amount that remains after third-country nationals have deducted their “regular expenses“. These expenses include, in particular, “rent charges, loan charges, seizures and alimony payments to third parties not living in the same household”. In the case of rent payments, the value of the so-called “free ward” must also be deducted (currently € 359.72). Accordingly, one has to add the regular expenses to the minimum rates and then compare them with their financial resources.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Let’s assume a basic rent for a 45m2 apartment in Vienna of € 765. (Based on an average rental price of around € 17/m² basic rent in Dec. 2023 in Vienna)

  • Basic rent (€ 765 less free ward in the amount of EUR 359.72) € 405.28
  • Minimum threshold for a single person € 1,217.96

The minimum financial requirement for residence in Austria would therefore be € 1,623.24 in this example.

Please note that

  • Other amounts apply for married couples/registered partners and children living in the same household;
  • e.g. loan charges for housing or a vehicle lease make it necessary to prove correspondingly higher financial means;
  • there are lower requirements for students (under 24 years of age);
  • people with independent means (e.g. retirees) often have to prove double the above-mentioned financial resources

So what’s your verdict – could you afford immigration to Austria?

If you feel that you fulfill the requirements and want to take the next step, we will be happy to help. Of course, we can also assist you with determining whether you meet the prerequisites. Also, we will suggest steps to improve your application package. Contact us to arrange your consultation with our team today.

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