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The crux of the marital home
The number of marriages in Austria has been relatively constant for several years. However, many people associate certain resentments with the institution of marriage and fear financial disadvantages through marriage. The legislator also wanted to counteract these resentments. It is for a few years now possible, to make agreements on
Privileged divorce
In order to be able to get a privileged divorce it can make sense to not actively pursue a divorce but wait until the other party starts.
Child support and contact right- where is the link?
Children cost money. Anyone who has children must pay child support. So far it sounds quite simple, yet child support is a topic that evokes many questions and frequent conflicts.
Data protection for employers – Now in well-stocked specialist book stores!

Karina Moneta and Patrick Kainz have published a new book with Linde Verlag .

Target audience are employers and everyone who deals with personal data protection . They will find support here to meet the legal requirements – with a focus on the most frequently asked questions:

  • Data protection-compliant application procedures

  • GDPR compliance and employee training

  • Legal basis for data processing (including use of employee photos and images for corporate communication, recording at events)

  • Operational monitoring and control measures

  • National and international transfer of personal data

  • Storage periods and deletion obligations

  • Interaction of collective labor law and employee data protection

  • Data Protection Powers of the Works Council

  • Information obligations towards employees

  • Liability and sanctions for data breaches

  • Use of evidence in court proceedings and data protection

  • Personal data protection in insolvency

  • Rights and obligations after employees leave the company

In addition to the latest decisions by the data protection authority, numerous examples and templates in the factory make it easier to fulfill employee data protection compliance.

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