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Occupational health and safety
Employees must be protected from the harmful effects of their work. Otherwise, there is a risk of serious consequences.
service contracts
Comprehensive checks of current service contract documents
Resources on finding a job in Austria – shared by an attorney
Finding a new job can be a headache. This is the same in Austria as in other places. In this article I have outlined a few online resources that can help you in your job hunt.
Discrimination in the workplace
Discrimination in the workplace needs to be addressed and stopped.
The first employees
The first employees – what you need to consider.
Termination of employment
If you need to terminate an employment relationship consult specialists.

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Resources on finding a job in Austria – shared by an attorney
Attorney shares his favorite job hunt resources for Austria.

Are you looking for a job in Austria? You’re not alone. I often receive inquiries from people abroad asking for job-hunting resources in Austria. As an employment and immigration lawyer, I’ve seen firsthand the joy that comes from landing a dream job. So, I’ve decided to share my go-to resources for job hunting in Austria. Let’s dive in!

Leverage LinkedIn for Job Opportunities

Start by creating a polished LinkedIn account. Make sure your profile picture is up-to-date, complete all recommended sections, and have someone proofread your profile. Post that you’re seeking new opportunities and attach your CV. Don’t forget to ask your network to tag recruiters in your posts. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn to expand your reach.

Explore XING: The German-Speaking LinkedIn

Set up an account on XING, a platform popular in Austria. XING offers personalized job postings based on your career profile. It may actually be frequented by more people in Austria than LinkedIn. If you set your account up properly, XING will show you job postings that are pertinent for you and your career profile.

Register on Monster and Jobrocker

Don’t overlook traditional job platforms like Monster and Jobrocker. Create accounts and start applying.

Utilize Austrian Job Platforms is a must-visit platform for job seekers in Austria. Also, consider registering with AMS (Austrian Public Employment Services) for their eJob-Room.

Specialized Job Platforms

Also consider using the following resources

  • Stepstone: General job listings.
  • Honeypot: For tech industry jobs.
  • Mithril Newsletter: Curated jobs for developers and software engineers.
  • JobsinVienna: For jobs that don’t require German proficiency.
  • Jooble: A comprehensive job search engine – aggregated from several reputable job search databases with the possibility to filter and further specify exactly what you need
  • Welcome 2 Upper Austria: caters to applicants looking for jobs in this industry-focused area of Austria 
  • Jobsora: Offers listings for Austria and other countries.
  • UN Job List: For United Nations jobs in Vienna.

Check Newspaper Job Sections and More

Don’t forget to check job sections in major Austrian newspapers like “Der Standard” or “Kurier.” The classifieds page “willhaben” also has a job search tool.

Use translation tools in your search

Should German not be your strong suit, you might wanna try accessing the resources above using Google translate or Deepl?

Patrick Kainz wishes you all the best in your job search!

Share Your Success and Connect with Recruiters

I’d love to hear about your job-hunting success stories. If you’re a recruiter specializing in the Austrian job market, feel free to introduce yourself to me on LinkedIn.

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