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Five common issues in bilingual contract drafting (German/English)
When drafting bilingual conracts, several issues can arise. I am adressing some of the common pitfalls and provide solutions to avoid them.
Permissible content of a prenuptial agreement
When you get married, you enter into a real contract. Marriage is a contract. Even a white dress or a wedding cake does not change that. Many people only realize what mutual rights and obligations there are in a marriage when the relationship takes a turn. If you want to
Residence rights for same sex couples in Austria?
How is the Austrian stance on the rights of same sex couples when it comes to immigration law? As Euro Pride is held in Vienna this year, I wanted to highlight the situation in this blog article.
I am an EU citizen. Can my non-EU relatives come live with me when I move to Austria?

If you as an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen take up residence in Austria, your right of residence may extend to some of your relatives who do not hold the EU/EEA/Swiss citizenship. They may be allowed to live and work in Austria. Read more below:

There are provisions in Austrian law that allow for such a scenario. The law differentiates between several groups of your relatives, with different rules, rights and obligations relevant for each of them:


They can come and live with you and can get a 5 years permit for Austria. For direct descendants that are older than 21 years of age, this right may only be invoked if you are already supporting them financially,

Your direct descendants may access the job market and work in Austria with the permit.


They can come and live with you if you are already supporting them financially, similar to direct descendants who are older than 21.


Here, the situation requires more steps: First off, you will have to show that you have already been supporting them financially. There must also be proof that they have sufficient financial means to support themselves (or be supported by you) while being in Austria.  

You will have to be their guarantor and submit an official form to the Austrian authorities that you will cover all of their expenses, including medical bills and hospitalization cost. For this, you will have to show your financial stability to the authorities for them to accept this.

The permit for these “other relatives” will only be issued for 1 year periods at a time. Only from the third year onwards will they have access to the Austrian job market.


Please reach out to us if you would like to explore any of the above possibilites with us. We will gladly assist you in bringing your relatives over to Austria so they can live with you and work here.