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About Law and Beyond

I am Patrick O. Kainz, LL.M., your dual-qualified attorney (New York State and Austria) based in Vienna. After working for prestigious law firms and government bodies for more than a decade, I decided to found Law and Beyond in Vienna in 2019.

I believe that clients not only want their attorneys to know the law, but they also need them to be strategists and skilled negotiators, capable of understanding their needs

I am ready and willing to be the advisor that you would like to have looking out for your interests. I will deal with your legal matters so you can focus on what you do best.

Wouldn't you also want your attorney to go the extra mile and help you implement the necessary steps to safeguard your interests?


What I mean by ‘going the extra mile’:

Example 1

A client had to deal with a tenant who had stopped paying rent for his rental flat. We secured an eviction order against him. Shortly after receiving the eviction order, the tenant informed the client that he had moved out. Still, the client was afraid of entering the flat, so I accompanied her for moral support and to thoroughly document any damages to her property.

Example 2

A client wanted to know how to secure the rights to a TV show concept he had written. Upon hearing his explanations, I mentioned that '(term cannot be disclosed for client-attorney confidentiality)' would be a great way to describe his concept. The client liked my suggestion so much that he included it in his future pitches with potential investors (- and no, I did not charge extra for my creative input).

Example 3

A client was facing claims for breach of contract brought by a former employee. Both parties had previously agreed not to mention their counterpart to attract new business. The employee now argued that the client broke the agreement. Of course we knew that this was not the case. Upon researching into the former employee's publicly available social media profiles, I unearthed that she herself claimed to still be employed by the client, almost a year after they had mutually separated. When being confronted with the evidence I had gathered, the former employee was quick to retract her allegations against the client.

But do not just take my word for it. Here are impressions from People who have already experienced my work:


”Patrick Kainz exhibits an in depth understanding of the legal questions that internationally active groups of companies are facing. During the years in which I experienced his work, he has proven his detailed knowledge of the needs of publicly listed corporations. Patrick is capable of analysing risks with precision and rapidly develops sustainable solution strategies. This allows him to craft tailor made advice and to be a reliable partner to helping with the execution. Working with Patrick means you will receive more than just a piece of paper.”

/  Walter Schenk (SVP HR MDAX Group Of Companies)  /

“Patrick Kainz has represented me in a difficult copyright dispute a while back. From the onset, he handled my case with diligence, extraordinary knowledge, meticulous research and absolute transparency. I felt very well represented as his efficient approach quickly brought a positive outcome to the dispute. I can wholeheartedly recommend the services of Patrick Kainz.”

/  Gottfried Schuster (composer; KarmaTraxx) /

“In the past years, I have come to appreciate Patrick Kainz as a very competent specialist in employment law questions. In addition to his legal expertise, he also understood to consider the economic interests of the business. Even on complex issues, he was always capable of delivering well founded results.”

/  Mag. Danja Lehner (HR Manager)  /