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Resources on finding a job in Austria


Since I have been approached by people abroad about sharing resources to go job hunting in Austria, I thought I’d make my response available to a broader audience. This is by no means an exhaustive list but contains pages/platforms that I have used for my personal job searches in the past and/or I have heard others share positive experiences about. As an employment and immigration lawyer, I get to share in the joy of my clients securing their dream jobs.

So here we go, this is “Patrick’s resources on finding a job in Austria”, lol. Off the top of my head, I can think of:

.) getting a proper account on Linkedin (up to date profile pictures, filling out all the recommended sections, having others proofread your profile plus keeping the info up to date are key) and posting that you are looking for new opportunities under reference to your CV (which can be attached to your post, I believe), as well as asking for people to tag recruiters on your post. That happens quite a lot in my Linkedin network which contains a fair share of recruiters. Feel free to find me on Linkedin and I will gladly like your job posts to maybe expand your reach:);

.) setting up an account on XING, the German speaking equivalent to Linkedin, which may actually be frequented by more people in Austria than Linkedin (if you set your account up properly, XING will show you job postings that are pertinent for you and your career profile);

.) getting registered with monster;

.) getting registered with jobrocker;

.) getting registered with the Austrian jobs platform;

.) reaching out to AMS (Austrian public employment services) and getting an account with them for the eJob-Room (which is their job search platform)

.) getting registered with stepstone;

.) try the tech industry focused job platform honeypot;

.) sign up for the newsletter of Mithril which will deliver hand-selected jobs for developers/software engineers to your digital doorstep;

.) get registered with WisR, whose platform is geared towards senior talents (people who are close to or past the official retirement age who wish to continue passing on their experience and expertise);

.) at JobsinVienna you can check for jobs that do not require German;

.) at Jooble, a comprehensive job search engine, you will find job istings aggregated from several reputable job search databases with the possibility to filter and further specify exactly what you need;

.) there is a job search platform specifically for job openings in Upper Austria

.) at Jobsora, a comprehensive job search database with listings for Austria and other countries;

.) United Nations jobs in Vienna can be found via UN job list;

.) many of the bigger daily newspapers in Austria have a jobs section, such as “Der Standard” or “Kurier“;

.) you could also check out popular 2nd hand classifieds page “willhaben“, as they have recently opened a job search tool as well

Should German not be your strong suit, you might wanna try accessing the resources above using Google translate?

Best of luck in your search and please share any resources that you have been succesful with in the past for others to enjoy. I am also curious to hear whether any of my recommendations have proven successful for you. If you are a recruiter focusing on finding local and foreign talent for the Austrian job market, maybe also make yourself known down in the comments.

Best of luck and happy hunting,


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